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News from Preeti Advani and Elsa Partan, Reunion Managers:

June 25, 2010

Dear Classmates,

Thank you for making our 10 year reunion such a wonderful affair this May. We hugged, we laughed, we toured renovated buildings, we enjoyed plentiful refreshments, and we sang our hearts out at step sing. To our classmates who couldn’t make it, we hope you can join us for our 15 year reunion. You were missed!

We’d like to express our gratitude to the outgoing class officers: Class President Yasmin Jones, Annual Fund Class Chairs Amanda Edwards and Mindy Steinberg, and Webmistress Rehema Trimiew.

With appreciation, we welcome the new class officers: Class President Libby O’Hare, Annual Fund Chair Melissa Kramer, and Webmistress Jenny Stoffel.

A number of class officers will serve another five-year term. Thanks go out to Class President Trina Wahle, Class Editors Amanda Greenspon and Erika Weisbrod, and Songsmistress Gretchen Holthausen.  We, Preeti Advani and Elsa Partan, have stayed on for another stint as Reunion Managers. We hope that if you have any feedback or suggestions for future reunion planning, you will free to share them with us via email or phone.

Our new Webmistress, Jenny Stoffel, has already created a new class website, and it looks great. You can find the site at We hope that everyone will take the time to visit the new site and use it as a place to share information and photos with classmates.

To submit your pictures to the site, please create a photo gallery using flickr, picasa, or another online photo service which will supply you with a link to your gallery. Send the site address URL to Jenny Stoffel at along with a title for your album, and she will post it on the site. Jenny warns that if you send pictures individually, it will take much longer to have them added to a general slideshow and posted.

If you are confused by the rotating cast of characters mentioned above, the site also offers a simple list of the current class officers.

Warm thoughts and kind regards to you all.


Preeti Advani and Elsa Partan